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Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2017 -- Happy New Year to all of our readers! If you have not yet ventured into the "wild west" of New Year's resolutions, we are here to help get you started. 

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Presumably, each of us makes our resolutions with the intent of transforming a part of our life that needs some tweaking. While we may not be able to guide you on the path to a slimmer you, we are able to offer advice in gaining clarity and peace of mind, and who doesn't want that? Choose one practice, or choose them all…just choose! 

  1. When an item comes into the house something must leave the house. This applies to all things both big and small, consumable and decorative. Unless necessary (such as if you are moving into a larger home), make every effort to keep the number of possessions the same. The "minimalist" movement is very popular right now, so climb on board!
  2. Each day, work on one area of your home. This area can be a kitchen drawer, one shelf in the linen closet, etc. Working on a bunch of little areas to start will add up to a big difference in the end. Any items that you no longer need or want must leave the house within one week. Possible new homes include: family/friends/donations/trash. You have 365 days to work. Can you think of 365 places in the home where you can make a dent?
  3. When mail comes into the house go through it immediately. Stand right next to the recycle bin. Toss out the items that you do not need. Make a pile for bills and make a pile for important papers. All of the papers will be put away within the first 10 minutes of arrival in the house.
  4. Spend some time in your closets identifying pieces that you no longer wear. Keep a large garbage bag close by, placing the pieces in it as you go along. Bring the filled bags to your charity of choice, and feel good knowing that you are helping those in need.
  5. Sort through your books. Keep only those that you really cannot do without. Most books are not worth trying to sell. Recycle them, donate them or check with your local library, as they typically have book donation bins.

Start the New Year the right way with a commitment to less clutter and more order. It is good for the house and good for your mindset.

Happy New Year to all!

Michelle Kavanaugh is the president/CEO of Organize Senior Moves, an independently owned, locally run business that focuses on helping senior citizens who are planning to move out of their home. For more information, call (518) 528-2622 or visit


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