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Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2017 -- The upcoming holidays have me in the mood to clear the decks around the house. The other day I got a little crazy and began cleaning out the cabinets and drawers in my dining room. While the amount of trash that was generated both amazed and saddened me, I chuckled to myself when I saw my good china. It dawned on me that for the past 25 years, this china has been used exactly three times!

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When my boyfriend and I became engaged, we were expected to register for china. I remember dragging my then very patient fiancé around in search of the "perfect" pattern.

And now, there it sits in the china cabinet virtually unused. Indeed, most pieces have never been touched beyond relocating them from one home to another.

So, with this reality, I decided that this holiday season our good china will be given its day in the spotlight. The spotlight will be shared with our crystal stemware. If we had sterling, that too would be invited to the show. My point being this: I have these lovely pieces for what purpose?

My home is far from resembling a museum and goodness knows that my children will not want to inherit china and/or crystal. Should a plate be placed in the dishwasher and the color fades or a piece of crystal breaks? Not a big deal!

Thank you for helping me begin the slow process of downsizing; that will be one less thing to pack or get rid of when we are ready to move. 

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As the holidays come barreling at us this year, make a commitment to use the "good stuff.” Dust it off and enjoy the meal and the way it looks among the table setting. 


Michelle Kavanaugh is the president/CEO of Organize Senior Moves, an independently owned, locally run business that focuses on helping senior citizens who are planning to move out of their home. For more information, call (518) 528-2622 or visit


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