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Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2017 -- If you tell someone that you work for senior move management company, chances are you’ll get a weak smile, a nod, and a blank stare.

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To help people obtain a clearer understanding of our important work -- and tremendous value of hiring a senior move manager -- I have compiled a short list of real customer reactions to the services we provide:

  • "I was very pleased with the services of the staff. The discarding, downsizing, packing/unpacking and placement of furniture was done in a timely manner." V.C.
  • "This has been a very positive experience. It takes away most of the stress of moving and the results are very satisfying." R.E.
  • "It was absolutely fantastic to do so little and walk into an apartment all set up." C.D.
  • "I couldn't have moved without you! It was a wonderful experience." G.H.

If you’d like to learn more, contact the National Association of Senior Move Managers, whose certified members specialize in helping older adults and their families with the daunting process of downsizing and moving to a new residence. Founded in 2002, the organization not only helps you find a senior move manager in your area, but also gets you one step closer to turning your dream move into reality with less work, reduced stress and fewer delays!

Michelle Kavanaugh is the president/CEO of Organize Senior Moves, an independently owned, locally run business that focuses on helping senior citizens who are planning to move out of their home. For more information, call (518) 528-2622 or visit


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