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Monday, July 17, 2017 -- For the senior population this is a common question.  “Aging in place” vs. moving into a smaller home.  Regardless of the direction that is chosen, decluttering the home is a necessary step and a senior move manager such as Organize Senior Moves can offer the help that is needed.  So how does a person know when it the time is right to downsize a home and/or move to a smaller location, possibly a senior community?

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Retirement: If your client is a retiree, they are likely looking to maximize their savings and decrease annual expenses.  A smaller home can reduce property taxes and insurance.  Some senior communities do not have a “buy in” requirement, allowing residents to rent an apartment.  

Lifestyle change: Today, a client may feel perfectly capable of tackling everyday tasks. But what will that feel like for them in five, 10 or 15 years?  Take into consideration the mobility required to get chores done; be sure to consider the stairs, the bending, the reaching, etc.  A one-story home or apartment may be more appropriate for their physical abilities in years to come.

Home maintenance: Becoming overwhelmed with the amount of work that a person puts into their home happens for every homeowner, no matter their age.  Whether there are major repairs to be done or just small projects, it can be challenging if there is no outside help.  

More than the “Junk Drawer”: If the junk drawer has exploded into its own room, it is time to downsize.  Period. Avoid using unused rooms to store treasures.  

A client can no longer find things easily No explanation needed!

Is your client is able able to identify with at least two of the above situations?  If the answer is “yes,” it may be time to begin researching the next move with them.

Michelle Kavanaugh is the president/CEO of Organize Senior Moves, an independently owned, locally run business that focuses on helping senior citizens who are planning to move out of their home. For more information, call (518) 528-2622 or visit

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